Brian Lubbert's ascents on 07/03/2012

Jenny Jump Mountain 4

Unprepared (and thinking I had summitted previousy), I returned to the road after Hiking up JJ#3. Moved the car, parked at a feasible place and ascended up the little valley. I streambed was dry and decently passable compared to other bushwacks. returned the same way.

Jenny Jump Mountain 3

Followed yellow then blue trail to 500 ft of summit.

Mount Fairway

Parked across from 162 Mine Hill road. Followed shades of an old woods road to intersection with a nice woods road. 2 mile round trip on public land.

County House Mountain

Parked on Axford. Found WMA entrance. Followed road that had a feel for a pre-residential development road to a nice embankment structure. Took a right and headed off-trail for 0.4 miles---during bushwack--climbed through nettle and rock fields to near summit.

Oxford Mountain

I was not going to do this peak as I was getting short on time--perhaps that's what made it easy. i approached from the north and west. i had followed a woods road to the County house and returned to the fork in the road. I took the second fork (the one headed south) to get close to Oxford. It was pretty decent. Same nettles as in County house but it is July so tis the season.