Dennis Schvejda's ascents on 12/27/2009

Rocky Mountain

My wife Tina and I began our NJ 1K Club quest starting at Camp Glen Gray, walking through the camp and north on the orange Schuber Trail. Followed the pipeline and bushwacked to the summit. We added two stones to the cairn. Made our way down to the pipeline and on to Drag Hill. More photos at

Rocky Mountain (left) and Drag Hill.
Pipeline route to Rocky Mountain.
Summit cairn.

Drag Hill

Walked from Rocky Mountain summit to pipeline, then downhill and up Drag Hill. Followed ATV trail to top. Then backtracked along pipeline to Red-Silver Trail (east), orange Schuber Trail (south), along Bear Swamp Road (east), Yellow-Silver Trail (south), and Yellow Trail to Glen Gray Road and parked car. A very nice loop hike on a warm (50's) clear winter day. More photos at

Pipeline cut to Drag Hill.
Drag Hill summit.
Hiking back, Rocky Mountain in background.