Dennis Schvejda

Kudos to Eric Koppel for a great website! The NJ 1K Club is a terrific idea that will introduce folks to hills and areas of NJ they probably would never have ventured. It will definitely take me off the beaten path! Since I spend most weekends in the Catskills it will take quite some time for my wife Tina and I to complete the NJ 1K list... but I'm looking forward to the hikes!
Total climbs15
Distinct summits attained15
Percent complete29%

Trip Reports

Mount Defiance on 04/24/2012
Bald Mountain on 04/03/2012
Jenny Jump Mountain 1 and Jenny Jump Mountain 3 on 03/27/2012
The Tornfell and Jenny Jump Mountain 2 on 03/20/2012
County House Mountain and Oxford Mountain on 03/06/2012
Allamuchy Mountain North and Allamuchy Mountain on 02/28/2012
Boulder Pine Peak on 02/21/2012
Buck Mountain (Wyanokies) and Wyanokie Torne on 11/02/2010
Rocky Mountain and Drag Hill on 12/27/2009