Patrick Bubniak

Hello, my name is Patrick Bubniak, and I am 14 years old. I enjoy hiking New Jersey peaks with my family, and I also love to ride bikes!
Total climbs35
Distinct summits attained29
Percent complete57%

Trip Reports

Bowling Green Mountain on 11/04/2020
Bowling Green Mountain on 05/07/2020
Mount Newfoundland on 05/04/2020
Bearfort Lookout on 05/03/2020
Pochuck Mountain on 04/25/2020
Guerin Benchmark on 04/18/2020
Mount Tammany on 10/14/2019
Ilgenstein Rock, Rocky Mountain and Drag Hill on 08/31/2017
Upper Pohatcong Mountain on 12/27/2016
Morris Lake Mountain, Westby Ridge and Wright Pond Cliffs on 05/17/2014