Gregory Bubniak's ascents on 12/27/2016

Upper Pohatcong Mountain

I went with my sons Thomas and Patrick on this beautiful December morning to finally summit the elusive Upper Pohatcong Mountain. This was my fourth attempt at Upper Pohatcong. We left the pheasant farm at 11:00 and began the ascent as we had the previous times. We took the same route everyone else used, which was the same way we approached in the past. We made it to the property line that we got stuck on several times before, and followed it directly towards the summit. We made it to the second power line and found posted signs off to the east all the way down the ridge. We went west and found the spot where we could access the summit without crossing any property lines. We got to the summit, and then found the ATV trail everyone else wrote about, too it south back towards the power lines, and found it was marked posted as we approached it from the opposite direction. We retraced our steps, and took 3 hours and 5.6 miles. It was great to finally get this peak, it was starting to look elusive again when we were at the second power lines. Doing this climb in late December kept the growth manageable.

At long last, the summit of Upper Pohatcong Mountain!
Me at the elusive summit of Upper Pohatcong Mountain.