Gregory Bubniak's ascents on 05/17/2014

Westby Ridge

Thomas, Patrick and I started at CO Johnson Park. We took woods road into the col between peak 1066 and Wright Pond Cliffs, and discovered how the latter was named. We crossed the woods road and headed up the south face, and found a recent woods road that took us right to the summit. We headed back down the south face and started towards Wright Pond Cliffs.

Wright Pond Cliffs

After descending down Westby Ridge, Thomas Patrick and I found the woods road that led us to Wright Pond Cliffs. Taking the right fork at the base of Wright Pond Cliffs, we followed the woods road to the summit area. We followed the road back down, and went through the col between pack 1066 and Wright Pond Cliffs, and closely followed our steps back to CO Johnson Park.

The staff at Hudson Farms couldn't be more cordial about allowing access!

Morris Lake Mountain

As a warm-up for our trip up Westby Ridge and Wright Pond Cliffs, I took a small contingent from my Cub Scout Pack up Morris Lake Mountain. Beautiful day! We took the same way everyone else did; the trails are in decent shape.