Greg Bubniak's ascents on 04/23/2010

Hamburg Mountain High Point

I parked along NJ 515 (Vernon-Stockholm Road), roughly due East of the summit. I worked around the pond to the north, with a few climbs. Straightforward bushwhack, with a few small stream crossings. Peaceful and quiet at the summit. Very enjoyable bushwhack.

Summit cairn and my day pack.

Pochuck Mountain

I parked in the parking area at the intersection of Route 565 and Tall Timbers Road. Swampy area to the east of the road was dense but passable. As soon as I began to climb, the swampiness was traded in for blowdown, blowdown everywhere. I eventually stumbled on a woods road as I approached the summit, which led me to an old trail, and got me trhough some of the blowdown. I reached the summit and found the teepee and both benchmarks quickly. On the way back dfown, I decided to try something different, and spent a lot of time working through blowdown I managed to avoid on the way up. I would say Pochuck was not difficult, but much harder than it looked from the road.

The teepee near the summit
The mirror at the Tall Timbers Road and Route 565 parking area.
Summit area.