Eric Koppel's ascents on 12/27/2009

Jenny Jump Mountain 3

Started out by the Mountain Lake trailhead and took the trail basically to the top. It's just a short bushwhack to the true summit bump, which is a rock outcropping with a bunch of cedar.

At the trailhead.
Approaching the summit.
Jeff pondering the natural beauty before him.
A swamp near the JJ3 and JJ4 col.

Jenny Jump Mountain 4

After getting to the col between JJ3 and JJ4, we followed some woods roads uphill to a false summit. From there, we bushwhacked down, found some cool swampy area, and then went for the final summit push. Came across some more woods roads (they're all over the place here) until we made our way to the broad summit area. Finding the exact highest point was tough but we built a cairn where we think the summit is.

JSB approaching the summit.
A log fort near the summit flat.