Eric Koppel's ascents on 11/21/2009

Pochuck Mountain

Started out at the pull off by Tall Timbers Road and bushwhacked through the thick swampy area before coming to some open woods. Headed straight up the mountain and hit some woods roads before hitting the final summit outcropping. Spooked a buck with a nice set of antlers. Came across the tepee near the summit and then headed south to the true summit. Found the two benchmarks just feet from the highest point. From the summit, there are partial winter views east and west. I sat at the summit for a while, listening to trees swaying in the wind, hawks screeching above me and Michael Jackson's "Beat It" wafting up from the Vernon Valley. Ah, Jersey. On my way down, I explored a hemlock grove on the mountains western flank. Came across some more deer. One of them wanted to pick a fight with me and started stomping.

I eventually found my way back to the swampy area and in minutes I was back at my car.