Kristin's ascents on 10/17/2021

Bearfort Lookout

We parked at P1N (there’s literally only room for one or two cars) and took the Fire Tower Ridge trail to the summit and the Fire Tower West trail back. The fire tower was cool and this hike is very flat for it being on the 1000foot list! It is fairly overgrown for a majority of the hike, but me and my two hiking buddies didn’t have any ticks. Our dog had about 5 that we were able to find but he likes to walk through tall grass and he sticks his whole head into shrubs just to get a good sniff so it wasn’t surprising. There was a fresh pile of bear scat right in the middle of the trail at one point but we never saw it’s depositor thankfully. Last month we parked at P4 to try to get to the fire tower via the Two Brooks trail but we turned around at the foot bridge because the mosquitos were terrible. I’ve never had to abandon a hike before and we were even wearing bug repellent. Since it was cooler today, there were no mosquitos and we only saw one other person the whole hike. A hidden gem, definitely worth the price of the permit on beautiful weekend days when other places would be packed!