Kristin's ascents on 08/07/2021

Mount Tammany

The parking near the Mt. Tammany loop was packed so my hiking partner and I parked at the Karamac parking area on Old Mine Road and took Farview and the AT to the Mt. Tammany loop doing it counter clockwise. We had the parking area to ourselves and the first part of the hike was very peaceful. The loop part was very crowded but it was still fun and the views were nice. We attempted to take the Mount Tammany fire road to the true summit but the trail was very overgrown and we were unable to leave the trail to find the summit but we got close! The parking area was full when we got back to our car and we explored some ruins on the Karamac trail before driving further up Old Mine road passing an old school house and many more ruins. I will definitely have to come back to do some more exploring and more peaks in the area!