Kristin's ascents on 06/19/2021

Big Beech Mountain

We parked at the Longpond Museum and only saw two other people on the Stirling Trail up to Big Beech mountain. The trail was well marked but muddy in spots and a bit overgrown. The viewpoint to the south was nice but we failed to find the other viewpoint.

Around the summit I climbed to the top of what appeared to be the tallest rock pile around but I did not know there was a small cairn somewhere very nearby marking the “true summit”. I kinda feel like I didn’t actually make it since I didn’t see this marking but all of this is just for fun anyway. I will be sure to check the previous summit comments before I go to the next mountain to see if there is some sort of marking to look for on the summit.

Then we proceeded to take a picture over the state line and go back the way we came. My hiking partner and I flicked about 20 ticks off of our legs and arms between the two of us and we were wearing bug spray. So far we have pulled 7 off of our poor dog and found a few that hitchhiked into the house on our gear. I’ve never encountered ticks like this on any other hike so I’d recommend taking every precaution, wearing bug spray, and going in the cooler months. It definitely gave me to creeps because I hate ticks but I still really enjoyed this hike.