Peter De Celie's ascents on 05/11/2021

Kanouse Mountain

Well parking at the Newark’s Echo Lake cost me $14 for a Hiking permit. Really - so I could walk past over flowing garbage cans that had not been emptied since (?) last fall. Poorly managed - once a nice camp for kids.
Anyway, hiked the Highlands Trail to midway point of the lake and turned sharply left up the unmarked road. Heading south for a ways passing many ATV trails looking for a left turning, east, trail. Finding too many trails I bushwhacked up the hill and found a road heading north/south. This trail followed the ridge to the flag pole and the great view looking down on rt. 23 and the reservoir.
The return trip I followed the trail back quickly I found a dip in the hills and descended on a trail, east, first going down. The trail turned south at the elevation of the lake. This is where I bushwhacked left or north. Staying on this elevation led me above the swampy area to my right and back to the damn.
2 hours + with lunch. Simple hike and never saw anyone else.

Way back. Or a shortcut up ?
Great view.
Was this once a marked trail ?
How did this get here ?
A Datsun.