The October Hill Gang's ascents on 03/21/2021

Mount Newfoundland

I actually live on the trail head to Mount Newfoundland, so I'm up at the pine bluff at least once a month for the past twenty years! On February 4th, I snow-shoed from Notch all the way up! The snow did a nice job of hiding the unfortunate litter, and there were no ATV or motorcycle tracks to be seen, truly serene. As of Sunday March 21, 2021, 99% of the snow is gone now.

Feb 4, 2021 view at the bluff

Green Pond Mountain

Since we were up on Mt. Newfoundland, we also hiked the opposite direction to Green Pond Lake (Green Pond Mountain), and the beach looks beautiful this afternoon in the sun.The snow is gone as of today.

Green Pond Mountain looking towards the beach (at left)

Kanouse Mountain

Since today was so beautiful, we did a lot of hiking. Kanouse was first in our order, and it was a great hike up today. The snow and ice is gone, and the trail was not muddy at all. Beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline today as well. The famed star and the flagpole made it through the winter.

NYC skyline from Kanouse looking east