Brian Shultis 's ascents on 01/10/2021

Pochuck Mountain

Parked at the end of Jenny Layne at the cul-de-sac and too a woods road up the side of the mountain. I bushwhacked up the steeper portions of the mountain, intersecting another woods road closer to the top. Made it to the summit and retraced my steps back to the car.

Summit view through the trees looking towards Mountain Creek
Woods road at the end of Jenny Layne
Summit benchmark

Hamburg Mountain High Point

Parked at the end of Sand Pond Rd right before the gate. There is a faint herd path that eventually crosses the outlet of Lake Wildwood. From there it’s an easy bushwhack to some woods roads, some of which are labeled on the NYNJTC North Jersey Map #115. It was a mix of bushwhacking and following woods roads to the summit. Closer to the summit the woods road enters private property so I bushwhacked the final ~.3 to the cairn. I would stick to East of the woods road when you bushwhack as there are a few swampy areas with thick blowdown. I retraced my steps back to the car.

Outlet of Lake Wildwood
Summit cairn
Limited view east of the summit
One of the many woods roads

Westby Ridge

I called the Hudson Farms office earlier in the week and got permission. When you call specify that you’d like to hike on their Westby property location. I gave my name and number they could contact. I would also ask if there is any where specific they’d want you to park (they didn’t specify for me so I parked based on where others had previously parked near their woods operations). I double checked with an employee their who was not notified anyone was out hiking that day. He didn’t have a problem with me being out there and he double checked with his boss.

Ended up taking a combination of woods roads/trails up to Westby Ridge. Went up and down the same way and then onto Wright Pond Cliffs.

Looking off from a woods road on the way to the summit
Summit clearing

Wright Pond Cliffs

From Westby Ridge I backtracked and kept following a woods road up the mountain until I got to an observation post. Made it up to the true summit and went down to the view past the summit. Backtracked to the car using the same woods roads.

Woods road on the way to the summit
Summit clearing with observation tower
View looking down at Wright Pond