Brian Shultis 's ascents on 12/18/2020

Waterloo Mountain

Parked at the Waterloo Village parking lot and crossed the street to the Highlands Trail since the trail head had not been plowed. Took the Highlands Trail up as close as I could get to the summit and then bushwhacked the final few hundred feet.

View off the Highlands Trail
View looking west to what I assume is the Delaware Water Gap
Summit view

Allamuchy Mountain North

From Waterloo Mtn. I took the Highlands Trail down to the intersection with the White Trail. I took this until I got to an intersection with some posted signs. Followed an unmarked trail along the posted sign boundary until I got to the summit. I think the actual summit is within the posted signs so I took the large boulder to be the summit as it was close enough.

Untouched snow along the trail
Summit boulder
Unbroken snow along the trail. Mostly around 1-1.5ft

Allamuchy Mountain

From Allamuchy Mtn. North, took a few unmarked trails from the summit that went down to a swampy area. Following some unmarked trails I eventually intersected with the purple Cardiac Trail. I took this all the way up until I got close to the summit and then bushwhacked the final stretch to the highest point.

Unbroken snow on the way to the summit
On the way up the Cardiace Trail
Wooded summit