Brian Shultis 's ascents on 11/29/2020

Wawayanda Mountain

Parked at the Pochuck Boardwalk trail head. Walked the boardwalk and took the AT up to Pinwheel Vista. From there continued to the mailbox and made a right onto the blue blazed trail. Hard to follow at times but took this until the trail was perpendicular to the summit. Bushwhacked over a small bump and intersected a woods road below the summit. Bushwhacked up to the highest point and found a small cairn at the top. On the way back I followed the woods road until it appeared to not be taking me back in the right direction and then bushwhacked back to the blue trail and retraced my steps to the car.

Pinwheel Vista
Small summit cairn
Small body of water off the blue trail
Pochuck boardwalk at sunset
View off of the blue trail