Brian Shultis 's ascents on 11/21/2020

Jennings Mountain

Parked at the historical village parking lot just after Beech Rd. Hiked through the older buildings/ruins and up the Highlands trail. Turned off on the yellow trail for Jennings Hollow and past the wetlands between Big Beech and Jennings. Saw a beaver lodge but no beavers to be found. Just after the first difficult stream crossing I bushwhacked up the steep hill to the left of the trail. It was easy but very steep bushwhacking made more difficult by all the leaves on the ground. Got to the summit cairn and traversed the summit to the north before turning right and bushwhacking down a less steep route to the yellow trail.

Limited view through some trees at the summit .
Summit cairn.

Big Beech Mountain

After Jennings Mountain I continued on the yellow trail and eventually got to the Lake to Lake trail. Took this up to the Highlands trail/Sterling Ridge trail intersection and headed up to the summit. Hiked back down and looped back to the car at the historical village parking lot.

View after the summit of Big Beech Mtn.
Small "cairn" at the high point.