Brian Shultis 's ascents on 11/20/2020

Boulder Pine Peak

Parked at P7 and hiked up the Old Coal Trail and took a right at the Split Rock Trail. Hiked back to the car the same way.

Summit cairn

Bearfort Mountain

After Boulder Pine Peak, headed up the yellow trail from P7 and up to Terrace Pond. Hiked on the floating bridge, up the ladder and got to the cliffs at Terrace Pond. Bushwhacked up to the highest point from there. Back down the blue/yellow dot trail to P7.

Terrace Pond right below the summit.
Highest point just below the cliffs of Terrace Pond.

Kanouse Mountain

Parked at the picnic area off Rt 23 and followed the grassy "trail" up into the woods. From there I turned right onto a concrete drainage and headed uphill. Did some bushwhacking and eventually met up with a woods road that I took to the top. Stopped by the flag & star viewpoint and continued on to the highest point. Came back down the same way but took a red blazed trail most of the way down.

Viewpoint right near the star
View of the Charlotteburg Reservoir from the star.
Star just before the summit.

Bearfort Lookout

Timed it so I'd be up at Bearfort Fire Tower at sunset. Parked at P4 and took the Highlands/white trail up to the summit. It was interesting to see the sun shining off the buildings of the NYC Skyline. Stayed a little past sunset and headed back down the same way I came.

Bearfort Fire Tower at sunset.