Brian Shultis 's ascents on 07/22/2020

Bowling Green Mountain

Parked at the Milton Snow Bowl pull off. Hiked up the communications tower road to the true summit and continued on for another .5 mile to see the Milton Fire Tower. Doubled back and headed onto Morris County High Point.

Milton Fire Tower. Opted to not go up today
True summit of Bowling Green

Morris County High Point

After Bowling Green Mountain I crossed the road and took the faint path that met up with some of the trails in the Mahlon Dickerson Reservation. Hiked out to the trailer area and continued on past to the short ascent up to the sign. Doubled back to the car and drove to the parking lot for Morris Lake Mountain.

The actual summit. Not sure if the rock is the highest point but it seems like it
Sign right on the trail, a little bit off from the true summit according to the coordinates provided on this website

Morris Lake Mountain

Parked at the Sparta Glen Park and took the blue, orange and then green/yellow dot trail up to the summit. There's a fun rock scrambled right before the summit. The trails used were suprisingly steep. Be careful on the descents. No views from the summit.

True summit runs right by the yellow trail
Limited view off of the true summit