Brian Shultis 's ascents on 07/12/2020

Jenny Jump Mountain 2

Parked near the park office and began the day with a steep bushwhack from the col between JJ1 and JJ2. Summitted JJ2 and descended to the observatory and took the road back to the parking lot.

Wooded summit of JJ2. Not as dense as the others that would follow today.

The Tornfell

Returned to the parking lot after JJ2 and hiked the ~1.5 miles out to the Tornfell. trail easy but overgrown in some areas with prickers sticking out. Not ideal to wear shorts but not too bad. Was able to avoid a lot of the prickers that surround the summit. Doubled back to the parking lot to get JJ1.

Summit cairn

Jenny Jump Mountain 1

Got back to the parking lot after the Tornfell and hiked the Ghost Loop up to JJ1. Bushwhacked to the true summit, got startled by a deer that ran off into the woods. Doubled back to the car and drove to the Mountain Lake trailhead to hike JJ3 and JJ4.

Another wooded summit

Jenny Jump Mountain 3

Parked at the Mountain Lake trailhead for JJ State Forest. Hiked up the yellow and blue trail until I came close to the summit. Once I was close I bushwhacked up the thick, rocky forest to the true summit. It started to get very humid and hot as it was the middle of the afternoon.

Pretty densely wooded summit

Jenny Jump Mountain 4

This one was extremely tough! came down the otherside from JJ3 and right before the blue trail starts to descend back to the road I began bushwhacking up to JJ4. Started off going up a steeper hill but I quickly ran into a woods road that brought me down to the col between JJ4 and the false summit next to it. The final ascent to JJ4 was short but brutal as there was a lot of blowdown. After breaking through the thicker part of the forest, the final ascent to the true summit was easy and through open forest. Doubled back roughly the same way and took the woods road down to the road. Finished off the loop with an easy 1 mile road walk back to the car.

Open wooded summit, a nice change

Guerin Benchmark

Parked at the Millbrook Road parking lot and took the High Point Trail up. Easy walk to cap off a 6 peak day.

Summit complete with cairns