Jake Campbell's ascents on 05/19/2020

Buck Mountain (Wyanokies)

I got one of the last spots that were left in the parking lot but didn't actually see all that many people out. The scrambly part in the first part of the climb was fun and there were some good views.

Wyanokie Torne

Quick hike after bagging Buck Mountain. I thought the fire pit with all the stone chairs around it was interesting but I was bummed to see a bunch of graffiti.

Windbeam Mountain

This was by far my favorite hike of the day. Some nice continuous climbing with great views and just enough rocks to keep things interesting.

Long Hill

Parked at the small pulloff on Westbrook Road and took the blue trail up to Manticou Point. Had to balance my way across the stream on rocks and logs from the start and this trail is definitely not very frequently used. It's steep, not super well marked, and has a few sizable blowdowns. Lots of ups and down from Manticou Point, but other than that smooth sailing. The power cut has a lot of thorn bushes.