Jake Campbell's ascents on 05/14/2020

Big Beech Mountain

Nice hike up from Long Pond Ironworks visitor center. There was quite a bit of climbing, some of it relatively steep, but the views and the fact that the summit was not all that far off the trail made it enjoyable. I stopped at one of the ledges on my way down and heard a loud rattle right next to me. There was a pretty sizable rattlesnake; guess they're out now.

Hasenclever Hill

Backtracked down Big Beech and took the woods road that links up with the yellow trail. Other than the blazes, the yellow trail really isn't any different than the woods road; it was very wet and muddy with tons of ruts. Took the yellow trail for a while and then followed a pretty twisting network of woods roads. That stopped near the base of Hasenclever Hill and it was a straight shot up from there. Pretty decent views from the top. On my way down I went off the wrong side of the mountain and had to deal with some pretty steep thorny sections.

Jennings Mountain

Parked on the side of the road near the Jennings Hollow Fire Road trailhead (crossing the bridge) and then headed straight up the mountain. Pretty straightforward but very steep the whole half mile or so up. Once I reached the top I started going down too soon so I got a little bit cliffed out. After some precarious downclimbing, I made it down safely but definitely need to get better about taking the same route up and down.