Jake Campbell's ascents on 05/11/2020

Drag Hill

Parked at Ramapo Reservation and headed for Bear Swamp Lake. I had a little bit of trouble; Ramapo Reservation has done a pretty substantial overhaul of their trail system since I bought my map so it was really out of date. Bought an online map when I got to an intersection that just didn't exist on my map.

Once I reached the intersection of the red trail near Bear Swamp Lake and the pipeline cut that goes to the summit, I decided to go for Drag Hill first because it looked like it was a longer climb than Rocky Mountain. It was a short but steep climb on pretty loose terrain. The descent down that same loose terrain was the hardest part of the whole day.

Rocky Mountain

After getting back down Drag Hill, I headed for Rocky Mountain. The climb wasn't as bad but there was more bushwhacking involved to reach the summit.

Ilgenstein Rock

I bushwhacked down the side of Rocky Mountain to get to the road that goes around Bear Swamp Lake. Crossed the little bridge over the outflow and began to head up. There were some very nice switchbacks going up here, which was a relief after the straight up and down of the last two peaks. Stopped for lunch at the lookout and then continued towards the true summit. The coordinates I had down for the summit weren't very accurate so there was a little bit of extra bushwhacking involved, but I got there.

Mount Defiance

I was initially planning on ending this hike after reaching Ilgenstein Rock, but it was still pretty early and I was feeling good so I decided to push on to Mount Defiance. I didn't realize until much later that this almost doubled the length of the hike. I headed off the trail a little bit further from the top to try to find a fun but safe route up the little cliffs below the summit. It took a few attempts but I found a way up, went to the big pile of rocks at the summit, and then headed back down the green trail, which is the same way I came up. Wasn't a huge fan of taking the green trail back up to the other side of the valley, essentially doubling the climb up Defiance, but it was good training.