Old Man (John Rushman)'s ascents on 08/06/2020

Wright Pond Cliffs

An easy walk with my hiking buddy from Hudson Farms Westby. Followed the dirt road to within 20 yards of the summit. From here, on to Westby Ridge and the end of my quest!

Westby Ridge

Backtracked on the trail from Wright Pond Cliffs to what looked like a good place to start the bushwhack up Westby Ridge. Halfway up we crossed another woods trail that looked promising. I vaguely recalled another person (Steve Jones) reported on the trail, but being it was the last of my NJ1K peaks, I thought it was appropriate to bushwhack to the top! No cairn at the top and not much of a view. Even though tropical storm Isaias was only 3 days ago, the Hudson Farms crew had all the roads clear. Amazing!

Short celebration at the summit with my hiking buddy Glenn before taking the woods roads back.

At the summit
Champagne and granola bars.  I fitting finale.