Old Man (John Rushman)'s ascents on 05/07/2020

Mount Fairway

Had a fairly easy walk in from Mine Hill Road. At the pull-off at 162 Mine Hill Road, someone had put up a "Private Property" sign. It probably isn't, but I parked at the top of the hill and walked down the 1/10th mile to the woods road. Lots of woods roads and lots of fenced off mines but was able to make it without too much difficulty to the summit. A proper road leads to the communications tower at the top with "No Trespassing" signs to the right. It looks like the road and land to the left are public. A good Covid-19 hike - nobody in sight. But I doubt if anyone comes up here except in the deer hunting season. Passed a couple of tree stands. Not much of a view from the summit. The trees are starting to "leaf out". Maybe better in the winter.