John Rushman (Doc)'s ascents on 03/24/2020

Jenny Jump Mountain 4

Practiced social distancing more than I planned to today. My two mile plan ended up being five.

Started at trailhead on Mountain Lake road. Followed trail and ATV paths along col until I decided it was time to head uphill. Not too bad a walk. Wandered around the top a while and found a cairn to which I added another rock. Coming back, I decided to follow an ATV trail headed toward the col. I wasn't paying attention to the map and ended up on Hope-Bridgeville Road (Rte 519) on the wrong side of the mountain! Whoops! I could have walked back up and over the hill but decided to walk along the road back to the trailhead - about 3 1/2 miles. Added to my file of Lessons Learned.

Daisy - over 15 yo and going strong!