Old Man (John Rushman)'s ascents on 03/02/2020

Bearfort Mountain North

Hiked from the marina on State Line Trail to the AT, south of Ernest Walter toward the peak. Where Ernest Walter heads east, the turn is well-marked. The trail to the peak is blazed green-on-white and was fairly easy to follow. The peak is only 10 or 20 yards off the trail and is marked with a cairn. Took yellow trail to Surprise Lake and back to State Line Trail. Took 12-yo doggie Ryan today. Encountered two challenging ledges. One was on the AT just south of State Line Trail. The other was on Yellow, south of West Pond on the way back up to Bearfort Ridge Trail. I tried this route two months ago with my 15-yo doggie, but she could handle these ledges. I'm guessing they were about 8 to 10 feet and I couldn't find any alternate routes nearby.

Only 1386 miles to Springer!
At the summit
West Pond viewpoint
Returning on Bearfort Ridge Trail.