Old Man (John Rushman)'s ascents on 02/15/2020

Buck Mountain (Kinnelon)

Parked in the lot off Rte 23 at Charlottesburg Road. Walked to Old 23 to Timberbrook Road which becomes Winebago Road. I found the Jersey barriers referenced by Brian Lubbert and started bushwhacking from there. After descending the first hill, I found Brian's ATV trail. This trail passes in the col between Buck Mountain and the 980' rise just to the west of it. Seeing no other options, I bushwhacked to the top of Buck Mountain. Near the top someone had left a few old chairs and other litter around a fire ring. I wish people would pick up their trash :(

The summit is enmeshed in bushes and thorns. I'm glad I was bundled up for the cold (10 F today). The multiple layers of clothing provided relatively good protection. I'm also glad I didn't bring my doggies. I don't think they could have made it through the shrubbery.

On the return, I picked up the ATV trail and followed it south and west, all the way to Winebago Road. This trail joins the road just before the road dips and crosses a stream, about 4/10 mile south of the damn. After the trail passes to the west of Buck Mountain, it continues north, but I don't know where it ends. I thought it might stop at Green Hill Road in Smoke Rise, but it might veer to the northwest and rejoin Winebago Road. Just south of the damn, an ATV trail cuts off to the east, but I did not explore this.

At the summit
Stream near where the ATV trail begins