John Rushman (Doc)'s ascents on 01/22/2020

Jenny Jump Mountain 3

Another lovely hike on a cold, but sunny, winter day. I parked where the Blue Trail starts at Rte 617. It's marked as a parking spot on the Trail Conference map, but it has space for only one car. And with the snow and ice on the side of the road, it was more like a half a spot today! After finishing the walk, I realized I could have parked at the north end of Mountain Lake and had a shorter walk. Well, at least I had time today to check out the woods roads to Jenny Jump 4. The Trail Conference doesn't show them, but there were several going in he right direction. I know it's a short walk to Jenny Jump 4 from where I was, but I was running out of time today. And it's an excuse to re-visit a very pretty area.

The hike up Blue Trail was easy and the bushwhack to the summit was not difficult. I like hiking in the winter! We've not had much snow so the bushwhacking is not hard. I imagine it's not as much fun in the summer time. Another tick-free hike.