John Rushman (Doc)'s ascents on 12/28/2019

Allamuchy Mountain

Started by going up the Ditch/Cardiac Trail counterclockwise. Passed two trail runners (going opposite directions) on the way up. Near the summit, I lost the Lavender trail. On the NYNJTC map, it looks like it goes south, missing the summit. But there are lots of mountain bike trails on the top that go to the true summit. I followed one of the mountain bike trails northeast along the ridge rather than dropping down into the valley on the Lavender trail. The mountain bike trail is fine but it make BIG switchback with little elevation change rather than taking a more direct hiking route. When I got back to the trailhead, I saw signs that JORBA helps maintain the trails. Although there aren't any wide-open views at the summit, my fifteen year-old doggie had a wonderful romp in the woods.

Field at the trailhead.
Start of the Ditch/Cardiac trail
On the way up.
Further up
Daisy at the marker.
Daisy at the VERY TOP!