Old Man (John Rushman)

I hike in northern NJ with one of my two dogs, Daisy (Leopard Cur) or Ryan (Brittany). Needed something to do with my spare time and the NJ1K list has been fun.
Total climbs48
Distinct summits attained45
Percent complete88%

Trip Reports

Ilgenstein Rock and Bald Mountain on 05/22/2020
Rocky Mountain and Drag Hill on 05/18/2020
County House Mountain on 05/15/2020
Mount Fairway on 05/07/2020
Boulder Pine Peak on 03/27/2020
Jenny Jump Mountain 4 on 03/24/2020
Oxford Mountain on 03/13/2020
Hasenclever Hill on 03/10/2020
Windbeam Mountain on 03/08/2020
Hamburg Mountain High Point on 03/06/2020