Rex W Miatke's ascents on 01/02/2019

Jennings Mountain

Did not feel like fording so took East Shore road to parking area just past Jenning Hollow fire road. Parked and walked back down to cross over bridge so did not have to ford Wanaque River. Took fire road over to where it ran into the yellow Jenning Hollow Trail. Then had to pick route that looked best to whack up to Jenning Mountain Ridge. Many options but choose wisely as is very steep and loose, Picked route that looked like a herd path and it followed the drainage's up. Arrived at the ridge and a cairn but did not look like the true summit. Followed the ridge and ended up at the summit cairn. This is an easy summit to reach but you need to be able to follow a herd path. There are some very steep cliff areas that you do not want to end up in!!!!!! Summit is awesome and is very quiet and peaceful. Jersey has a gem in Jennings Mountain!!!