Rex W Miatke's ascents on 12/07/2018

Wawayanda Mountain

Took off on the old AT at the mailbox. Was under the impression that the old AT was now a blue blaze and could be followed down to rte 94 and Maple Grange road. I was not looking for true summit of Wawayanda as I always in error, until yesterday, thought true summit was at the mailbox. I followed old blue blazes and white blazes until I arrived at ledges and a gorgeous view. I had a difficult time finding trail as old blazes seemed to disappear. I found faint blazes and what looked like a herd path and followed it. I soon ended up at a stream crossing and new blue blazes that looked fresh. I continued to follow looking for the trail to cut down to 94 and maple Grange but it kept going straight. We checked our app and it showed that the trail we were on was not going to take us down. Again I was not looking for true summit but we started our bushwack down from the highest piece of land around. If we were not on the summit we were close. Do those new blue blazes end at the true summit or at Breakneck road. The bushwhack we did to get down to 94 was crazy. Tons of blow downs, extremely steep and very slippery. I would highly suggest you head back to the old or new AT to go down. We ended up one field over from where the old AT comes out. There was an old falling down barn in the field we ended up in. Once I know where the true summit is I will be back to grab it. Seems not many hit the actual true summit of Wawayanda.