Mike Merunka's ascents on 01/04/2019

Jenny Jump Mountain 1

Started from the parking area just above office and took the long way around Swamp (red) trail to its end. Picked up Spring (blue) trail to Summit (yellow) went north to high point, logged it. Walking off the small rise of the summit it punctured my palm nicely on a small Honey Locust thorn. Cool. Looped Summit trail down to State Park Rd. Then back up Blue and Summit back to the other side. Great Hike.

Jenny Jump Mountain 2

Drove to pull off just north of the Observatory. Hiked up from there. The col between 1 and 2 really is pretty intimidating. I'll go back one day just to ascend from that side.

Jenny Jump Mountain 3

Parked at lot near spring. Entered onto Jenny Jump trail and turned immediately up the hill after the large fallen white oak. Bushwacked the whole thing. Few very steep sections. Also very dense raspberries, Japanese barberry, and multiflora rose. 1 Mile round trip with almost 600' ascent.