Mike Merunka

Total climbs28
Distinct summits attained17
Percent complete33%

Trip Reports

Big Beech Mountain, Big Beech Mountain, Big Beech Mountain, Big Beech Mountain and Big Beech Mountain on 09/23/2019
Kanouse Mountain, Kanouse Mountain and Kanouse Mountain on 08/12/2019
Morris County High Point on 05/20/2019
Ilgenstein Rock and Drag Hill on 05/04/2019
Buck Mountain (Wyanokies) and Wyanokie Torne on 04/29/2019
Jenny Jump Mountain 4, The Tornfell and The Tornfell on 04/10/2019
Rocky Mountain on 04/08/2019
Morris Lake Mountain and Morris Lake Mountain on 04/07/2019
Mount Tammany on 04/05/2019
Buck Mountain (Wyanokies) on 04/01/2019