Peter D's ascents on 04/02/2020

Mount Arlington

We set off from the Berkshire Valley Parking lot off of Rte 615. We ignored the spaghetti bowl of ATV trails and herd paths and just bushwacked NE. The terrain undulates this way and that but it is easy to know your gaining elevation as you go. The forest here is mature and easy to walk though the low scrub and occasional blow down.
Found the 4 concrete bases easily at the peak. Best of all, besides the many turkeys which we enjoyed scaring (or them scaring us really) we had the place to ourselves! Co-pilot approved.

Morris Lake Mountain

Went for our second peak of the day - to my co-pilots chagrin. From Sparta Glen Park we followed the Blue, to the orange, to the green, to the yellow. The color variety of blazes seemed to cheer up my hiking partner and makes for easy navigating to the top on this rocky and steep ascent.