Hayley's ascents on 06/10/2010

Morris Lake Mountain

Quite a lovely mountain. Decided that the path wasn't going where I wanted, so I bushwhacked most of the way up, got to the top, and found the path again. Of COURSE I took the wrong path down, and came out in a big field behind someone's house that had a terrific view, somewhere on the western side of the hill. Even through the haze, I could see all the way to the Delaware Water Gap.

Met two people on the path, one older man on the way to the road, and one on the way back. The two of them combined to talk so that I stood listening to them for longer than I'd gone hiking. Both warned me extensively about bears. Both gave me loads of advice about where to go hiking. The first asked why he'd never seen me there before, and I watched a huge branch fall on the other one's car. Etc.

Morris County High Point

Got a map from the Saffin parking lot, and parked just down the road from the RV/Campground at a little used parking spot that looked only big enough for one car. This was probably the shortest route to the top, but I took a circuitous route back to my car, along the railroad, which was quite lovely. Took the wrong path back (obviously), but it intersected the path I was looking for anyway. Just keeping records of everywhere I get lost.

Bowling Green Mountain

Bushwhacked myself lost, but I eventually found the firetower, and then the FAA tower. Found some blocks that looked like they used to hold a tower. One said "Remember..." on one side and "United States of Obesca" on another side.

Didn't feel like walking all the way back, so I went to the bottom of the mountain and walked along the road, coming out accidentally in a private community where a woman sort of snapped at me and told me in no uncertain terms I wasn't really welcome. She had roosters. When I got to the road, I found some neat cows and a man stopped to ask me if I was lost. Turns out he was the fire chief and, after giving me directions, he offered me a ride, which was quite nice, and which I accepted immediately. He took me all the way to my car.

Mount Arlington

I took personal offense at Mount Arlington defying me yesterday, so I went back for round two. Took the path most of the way up, then bushwhacked through an area where all the timber had been cut down and half of it fenced off for some sort of preservation/deer eating study (did see a deer there), then made it to the top with the blocks from an old tower, and found the path back down.