thomas stabler's ascents on 11/07/2016

Bald Mountain

Hiked in from ramapo trailhead, took the wrong turn (fall activities include where's the trail for 100$), so decided to climb matty price hill, and wow what a veiw that one has, maybe the best of the day. The VP included most of the 1k peaks in the ramapos and basicly all the ramapo. Followed the marsh trail to the college between rocky and drag and Bushwack edwards the Ridge to rocky, veiws of the city are found near the top. Quickly climbed down to bear swap and climbed ilgenstein hill for the other realy good veiws of the day and followed the Ridge over to Halifax trail (losing the trail a lot do to leaves). Hit the road that goes to the pipeline and tower on the side of drag and blindly (sun angle) climbed to the top of drag, decent veiws. The climb down drag hurt a lot (foot injury and loose rock). All in all a great day.

Drag Hill

Ilgenstein Rock