Qam1's ascents on 12/19/2015

Boulder Pine Peak

Started at p7 on Clinton Road, unlike the fall or summertime when I've been here, there were no cars and no people around. Kind of Creepy.

Started on the Coal Trail, passed through some type of boot camp with some real crazy vines. Continuing I passed through an area with lots of interesting stone walls (If the British come back I know where I am going).

The Coal Trail then passed through an area with lots deciduous bushes that even though it was close to the winter solstice all still were very green. Through the bushes I could see the Boulder Pine on top of the summit across a valley. It looked far and high, I was worried it would take an hour or so to get to the top, but thankfully it was only about 10-15 minutes away. Took Split Rock trail to top. No Views.

Lots of GNDN* herd paths off the Coal Trail, I took some for awhile and bushwhacked aimlessly around the stone walls looking for views but never found any.

* GNDN = Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing! Thank you Star Trek

Shouldn't it be Boulder Pines peak?
Crazy Vines
Crazy Vines II
Bridge?? Best to walk around this one