Qam1's ascents on 10/12/2014

Drag Hill

I initially wanted that unnamed peak south of Bear Swamp Rd but unfortunately Bear Swamp Rd seems to now be off limits to the public. So I drove over to the Ramapo Reservation and instead set out for Bear Swamp Lake.

My map was a bit dated (1998) and the color scheme of some of the trails has changed a bit in the passing years but I was able to figure it out and make good time. I was almost at Bear Swamp when I passed the pipeline up Drag Hill and looking up at it I had to climb it (I was unaware of the NJ1K at the time).

The pipe line is quite steep and eroded and takes a bit of time & effort to get up. Like the pipeline on Bearfort, photos make the ascent look tame and don't show how steep it really is. There's some cool Lillypad type trees on the way up.

Once on top there are some interesting rocks to climb on and herd paths here & there crossing the summit. With the time it took to go up & down Drag I never got to Bear Swamp Lake, which is OK as Bear Swamp Lake which may photograph nice is actually a very ugly lake that stinks of Sulfur.

Looking over Rocky and Bear Swamp Lake