William Maurer (Hoosier)'s ascents on 02/13/2010

Hasenclever Hill

Met Eric and JSB plus a photographer from the Star-Ledger for a quick hike. Came in from the south using snowshoes the whole trip. After the steep climb up to the summit, we took a short westward trip over into New York and to possibly one of the best viewpoints in New Jersey.

Seems it will be called Black Rock viewpoint, after speaking to some locals after our hike as that is what they had called it for as long as they can remember.

Took a slighly different route out so as not to retrace our steps.

Hmmm after spending the day on snowshoes, maybe I will try for the Winter NJ1K. But then again how often is there enough snow in Jersey to seem like winter conditions

Black Rock viewpoint
Black Rock Viewpoint
Black Rock viewpoint
Board, Bear and Windbeam Mtns from Black Rock