William Maurer (Hoosier)'s ascents on 01/03/2010

Buck Mountain (Kinnelon)

Trip Report: Started from a driveway leading to a Newark Watershed building just to the south of the railroad overpass on old Route 23. Noticed no way to cross the Pequannock River safely so I used a very hairy railroad bridge to gain access to the far side. Left the railroad after crossing over the river and headed up thru open woods to a very huge rock. Climbed up the Northern knob thru heavy mountain laurel and some massive boulders. Started snowing heavily at this point. Dropped south into a col with the back of homes visable to the east. Headed up the high points cone and picked what appeared to be the highest point out of three distinct high point outcroppings. Looked to be some views to the east if it was not close to whiteout conditions. Headed back to the col and followed a woods road for a bit to the northwest and then skirted below large rock outcrops back to the huge roack and eventually the railroad tracks. once againg crossing over the sketchy bridge. No walkway, no railings, and open ties. A quick 1.6 mile long trek to start the day. Left the camera in my Jeep once again.

Bearfort Mountain North

Started from the upper parking area along the Warwick Tpk. After putting on some layers I stepped out in to a virtual blizzard. Took the blue blazed trail down across the bridge over Green Brook and then began the climb up over the snowed covered rocks to the junction with the white blazed Bearfort Ridge trail. Took the trail north climbing upwards into worsening conditions. Followed the trail to its junction with the yellow balzed Ernest Walter trail at which point a gust of wind put me down. Headed west along the yellow balzed trail to the point where it turns sharply north. Then south along the ridge to the true high point, continued till I arrived at the second bump on the ridge. Turned around at this point. My tracks from the walk in where snowed in. Headed back the same way once I arrived back at the yellow balzed trail.Driving thur West Milford noticed the tempature was 12 degrees on a sign. Burrrrrr great hike on a very snowy day in far north jersey.