William Maurer (Hoosier)'s ascents on 11/07/2009

Hill 1164

Began on Route 206 near the Mountaintop Diner. Did not park at the diner but just south at a pulloff on the east side of the road. Walked north along 206 past the diner, then up an old woods road to a path along a fenced in self storgae place skirting private property signs to the east. Crossed a wet swampy area before climbing up a rocky escarpment to a fine viewpoint overlooking Whitehall Mt. and Cranberry Lake to the west followed the ridge passing over a bald outcropping with a large carin. Crossed over a paved private road which goes to a business just to the south of the summit outcrop. Area just to the south and southeast is posted land. Headed back out the in the same general direction looking for additional views.

The northern end of the peak is heavily posted near Wright Pond and Wolf Lake just east of the C.O. johnson Park.

Cranberry Lake from viewpoint
Viewpoint above route 206
Summit outcrop
Whitehall Mtn from hill 1164 west side

The Tornfell

The Thornfell the painless way.

Found a small parking area along Great Meadows Road on the east side of the road approx half way up the hill after passing the Land Of Make Believe. Whacked up the steep hillside and started sidehilling northeast. Came upon a white blazed trail.

Left the trail in a col/hemlock grove and followed the ridge uphill and northeasterly encountering the white blazed trail once again. Followed the white blazed trail, passing a blue blazed trail to to left. Continued on the white blazed trail which passes 200 feet to the northwest of the Thornfells summit carin. Pushed my way southeast thru two hundred feet of pickers, which were not all that bad, to the summit carin. Headed back to the white blazed trail following it southwest. Took the short two hundred foot blue blazed spur to a semi open view of the Delaware Water Gap. Continued following the white blazed trail which began to descend into a hemlock grove that I crossed through on the way in. Followed the white trail which sidehilled then eventually headed down some rock steps and came out on the road fifty feet downhill from where I had parked.

You can follow this white blazed trail from the pulloff to just morthwest of the summit carin. Nice and easy with only a minimal amount of pickers to deal with.

Delaware Water Gap from lookout (Blue Trail Spur)
Summit carin and thorns