Caitlin Albright's ascents on 08/30/2012

Mount Arlington

Andrea and I have an excellent track record of getting lost and today was no different, except for the fact that her 8 year old cousin from Italy tagged along because we thought this would be an easy one. First, we could not locate the entrance point on Gordon Road so I asked a random kindly stranger who thought we were a little nuts. He said he's lived in this area for years and didn't know what we were talking about. Sigh. We then went to Mettle Lane and found the woods road off of Berkshire just to the left of Mettle Lane. It was a steep, rocky road up, but easy enough to navigate. We then had an easy bushwhack through the open woods to the summit. Unfortunately, we got lost for about an hour on the way down and had to wander around through mud and spider webs until we eventually came across the trail again. I'm not sure if Andrea's cousin was having fun because he doesn't speak English but alternated between shrieking about the spider webs and yelling "ADVENTURE!" I'll take that as a good sign though.