Allen R.'s ascents on 11/30/2014

Allamuchy Mountain

First of five peaks for the day. From trail head parking on Stuyvesant Rd off Route 517, followed Orange trail then Purple trip to reach peak.

Allamuchy Mountain North

Second of five peaks for the day. After reaching Allamuchy Mountain, continued on Purple trail then White trail and then some bushwacking to reach Allamuchy Mountain North summit. Hiked a total of 6.1 miles round trip, with a few inches of snow on the ground, to reach both Allamuchy Mountain and Allamuchy Mountain North.

Jenny Jump Mountain 1

Third of five peaks for the day. Parked at the park office at Jenny Jump State Forest. Hiked Summit Trail with a little bit of bushwacking to reach Jenny Jump Mountain #1.

Jenny Jump Mountain 2

Forth of five peaks for the day. After returning from Jenny Jump Mountain #1, bushwacked up Jenny Jump #2.

The Tornfell

Fifth of five peaks for the day. After Jenny Jump Mountain #1 and Jenny Jump Mountain #2, followed Blue Trail most of the way and then bushwacked to reach summit of The Tornfell. Per description, lot's of thorns (multiflora rose) to get through; glad I hiked this time of year rather than in summer. Hiked a total of 6.7 miles round trip to reach three peaks: Jenny Jump #1, Jenny Jump #2, and The Tornfell.