Steve Welgoss's ascents on 04/22/2018

Oxford Mountain

Parked at N 40 48.769 W 074 58.265, and took the woods road up, bearing right at the 2nd split (the first one rejoins in about 200 yards), following it until about .25 mi from the summit, before bushwhacking the rest of the way. Once there, went in a straight line down the steep side before ascending back up toward County House. While there wasn't much overall distance, this one had a high degree of whacking difficulty due to stickers and steepness on the way to the 2nd summit.

County House Mountain

Parked at N 40 48.769 W 074 58.265, and from here you can take the woods road and bear left at the two splits, which will take you relatively close to the summit. In our case, we did Oxford first, and then straight-line whacked to CH before taking the woods road back out. We got about 250' from the summit before turning away at the posted signs, as it's not quite like failing that close to the top of Everest. If you do this solo, it would be supremely easy, but combining it with Oxford and the subsequent whack it was a bit nasty with tons of rocks and stickers.

Mount Fairway

Parked at N 40 47.321 W 074 59.441, then found a very small herd path to the right of the larger woods road (that has posted signs). Took that up for a short while before alternating on a combination of woods roads and bushwhacking before hitting the paved road that goes to the actual tower summit. Got sliced up by a lot of stickers, as even the woods roads were overgrown in many places. Also picked up the first pair of ticks of the season.