Steve Welgoss's ascents on 01/12/2014

Buck Mountain (Kinnelon)

My personal kryptonite is bridge tressels. The depth changes in my vision make me dizzy, and even though I know I can't fall through those slats, it freezes me up bad. I tried a river crossing after my wife and dog had already crossed above, but the water was too fast, so I nutted it up and made my way across up top. We went down the railroad and then cut up the hill to the summit. Once up there, we took one of the woods roads back out to the paved road and then walked out the easy way. I wish I had done that in the first place, because in spite of the No Tresspassing signs, there was nobody there.

Cobb Hill

This has GOT to be the easiest one of them all!

Green Pond Mountain

Very easy hike to this one, but some great views about a quarter-mile past the listed summit.