Steve Welgoss's ascents on 12/17/2010

Mount Tammany

My Geocaching log: This was the last cache we needed for the NJCC, so with a day off from work, and what seemed to be perfect weather for this sort of climb, we set off. Had on a t-shirt, long-sleeve t-shirt, sweatshirt, and my jacket, and within a quarter mile, I ditched the sweatshirt under a rock and marked the waypoint. In spite of 29-degree weather, I was soon sweating. I am soooooo glad I had my head buried down in the typical geo-walk, because if I had looked up at the climb in front of us, I probably would have had to leave my pants behind too. After a solid trek of just over an hour, we finally made it up to the top and easily located the cache location. Stopped to grab a photo of Nanette in front of the Gap, and enjoyed a much-easier descent. Managed to pick up a bunch of trash on the way down, including styro cups, drink cans, and assorted snack wrappers. Just don't understand how the kind of person who throws their trash away in these parks is even drawn to them in the first place?