Al Pfingstl's ascents on 10/07/2011

Wawayanda Mountain

2710' short,is there any dedicated trail to this HP?
Parked @ 94/515 parking area and took the AT into the park and up the stone stairs. Can't imagine constructing them, but thanks to the folks who did.
Made it to the "Old AT Vista" signed the log book and followed the path towards Barry & Highland Lakes. At a point where my GPS indicated a perpendicular direction towards the HP I could not find a trail and began bushwhacking. Since I was unfamiliar with the area and had no intentions to overnight it I suspended my quest when I came upon a lone cairn. Have a plan and work the plan, there is always tommorrow.
The AT portion was well marked. The off branch trail could use a little better marking and maybe inclusion upon the park map.

Half way point?
Lone Cairn